Internet Explorer bugs

NameFeedback IDSummaryStatus
IE back bug332575In certain situations, pressing the "Back" button in Internet Explorer to return to a form causes that form to revert to its initial values.Broken in IE8b1 and below.
Marked as "Closed (Postponed)"
Then miraculously fixed in IE8b2-IE8RC1 anyway.
Then broken again in IE8 final but marked "Active".
Fixed in IE9b1?
valign=baseline borkedN/AIf a table row contains elements of varying line-height, valign=baseline for that row does not work correctly.Broken in IE5-IE7
Fixed in IE8b2!
"rows" attribute not implemented332545In IE8, the "rows" attribute of HTMLTableElement and HTMLTableSectionElement is not implemented.Broken in IE8b1.
Fixed in IE8b2!
select multiple focus problem332577If a SELECT MULTIPLE element gives away focus in its OnFocus handler, IE7+ becomes very confused about where the focus really is.Broken in IE7-IE9b1.
Marked as "Closed (Won't Fix)"
100% width textarea scrollbar positioning333771A textarea with a CSS width that is inside a table in some cases has its scrollbar appear in the middle of the textarea.Broken in IE8b1.
Fixed in IE8b2!
input field value affects field width337204An input (type=text) field inside a table can cause both itself and the table to become wider merely by changing its value.Broken in IE6-IE8b2.
Fixed in IE8 Partner Build!
incorrect handling of "no-repeat right" and "no-repeat left"333619Applying a background image with "no-repeat right" and "no-repeat left" to a number of elements via a class causes the image to only appear on the rightmost or leftmost elements.Broken in IE8b1.
Fixed in IE8b2!
scrollbars appear in frameset387624A frameset without a doctype holding documents with a doctype causes disabled horizontal scrollbars to appear in the frames.Broken in IE8 Partner Build.
Fixed in IE8RC1!
option selection highlighting in list with min-width387633When selecting an option in a SELECT list that has a min-width style, the blue background signalling the selection may not stretch the full width of the list.Broken as of IE8b2 (maybe earlier). Min-width is not available in IE7 and below.
Marked as "Closed (Postponed)"
Broken in IE9b1
disabled fields re-enabled when going back412067Fields disabled/enabled via javascript do not retain their state when going backBroken in IE6 (maybe earlier)-IE9b1.
Marked as "Closed (Won't Fix)"
incorrect wrapping with "white-space:nowrap" and input elements429010Wrapping does not happen as expected when white-space:nowrap and input elements are involved.Broken in IE8-IE9b1.
TH does not inherit text-align429559TH elements do not inherit text-align values from their parent TR, THEAD, etc.Broken in IE8-IE9b1.
COL align attribute is ignored429574The align attribute of COL elements is ignored.Broken in IE8-IE9b1.
incorrect absolute positioning inside inline elements599406Depending on the attributes and contents of an inline element, an absolutely positioned child may appear in the wrong place.Broken as of IE9b1.
select element scroll out of sync
testcase 1 testcase 2
2140388The display of a SELECT field can get out of sync with its internal scroll position.Broken as of IE11.